over the weekend

I was reunited with my best friends for Kim's wedding shower/bachelorette party! Lauren & I are her matron and maid of honor for her upcoming wedding! It was a super quick trip home, but I was so looking forward to it, especially because Kim had yet to meet Grayson. 

I've learned that with a baby, even when you leave on time, something happens that will make you late. It's just the way it goes. So unfortunately, my Mom, Grayson & I arrived to the shower about 40 minutes late (sorry Kim!!!). Of course she didn't care & totally understood and really was just SO happy to meet our little guy! Kim and I have been friends for ten years now, so for her to meet my baby was one of those pinch me, time goes too quickly moments.  
Once we left the shower we headed back to my parents so that I could change, pump one more time, and nurse him before heading downtown for the bachelorette party. As a Mom to a little one it takes a lot of work to go somewhere without the baby, especially because I'm nursing.

Kim's sister-in-law, Taylor switched my Mom ponytail to this fun hairstyle for the evening. I only went out to eat with the ladies before they headed off for a night of fun!

We spent the whole dinner laughing & talking that we didn't get a good picture inside, so had to settle for one outside. I was so happy to see these two ladies and to celebrate Kim!
Will was sending me updates as well. Grayson was pooped from the day of traveling that he ended up asleep on the activity mat shortly after I left- which never happens!

Sunday we shared a few snuggles with Nana and Poppa before getting on the road. Poppa was talking to Grayson about the Cubs & slowly he just fell asleep. Just melts my heart. 

We made a pit stop at Will's alma mater to nurse and change diapers and decided to walk around a bit and show Grayson the campus. It was the perfect time since Sadie is with my parents.

We first stopped at the ice cream shop where Will & I had our third date (almost 5 years to the day actually). We have been there since, but it was a full circle moment having our son with us. This place is really special to us. On that date I was trying to be funny and was acting like I was going to spill my ice cream on Will, when accidentally the ice cream came out of the bowl and fell right on his face. We couldn't stop laughing. It sort of broke the ice for us & we haven't looked back since.  

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