love story pt. 2 the finale

This month Will & I are celebrating 5 years of being together, so what better time than to post part 2 of our love story. Time is so funny-in some ways, it seems like we've known each other our whole life with all the history we have together. One thing is certain, we couldn't imagine life without each other.

It's fun to think back to our dating years though, and our love story in general. We will absolutely share with our children when they are old enough to understand! You can check out part 1, here.

 So we ended of part 1 with Will falling asleep on our first date. Major fail. Don't worry folks, that wasn't the end. There was a second, third, and even a fourth date, and then on June 30th, we officially became a couple. As if the whole going on dates etc.. wasn't a clue we were a couple. The summer of 2010 was HOT. Not just your normal summer hot, but hot. Will stayed at school that summer working and taking classes. I was at my parents working, so we were an hour apart from each other. That was the closest we would be for our dating/engaged life.
long distance.
For our whole dating/engaged relationship. It was tough, but really, we didn't know any different. Communication was key for us. We knew pretty early on that this was serious, so we put in effort to be with each other whenever we could. Lots of driving. It was obviously worth it, and if I had to do it again, I wouldn't change a thing. I think back fondly on all the memories driving and being with Will.
So that's how it was for 2 years. With all the driving & long distance, we built a strong relationship.
the proposal
July 22, 2012 started off like any other Sunday. Breakfast & mass. We were at my parents that weekend & Will wanted to go on a picnic/ walk through Blanton woods. (to be noted: Blanton is special to my family, spent a lot of time there growing up) Will wasn't acting different or anything, so I really didn't know anything was up. We had obviously discussed a timeline of when we wanted to be engaged, but that's about as far as the discussion went. No ring talk, or where it would/should take place talk. Anyway, enough rambling... we had a picnic, and off we went
 to Blanton.
You may be wondering, "why were you wearing a dress on a walk through the woods, Alyson?" You weren't wondering? Well, now you probably are! First, it's what I wore to church & secondly, I thought we were just taking a quick little walk in and out. We ended up walking further than I had thought (obviously not knowing what was about to happen.) So we're walking in the hot July Midwest heat, and I step in dog poop! No lie! It was hysterical then, and it's hysterical now.

Right then, Will got down on one......just kidding. He waited & it was simple and perfect. He actually got the moment on camera, thankfully! Even in the moment as big as that, I still remember his words so well.

We were married 13 months later, which was a bit torturous. Ok, I'm exaggerating a little, but it was long or felt long at the time, but it ended & On September 7th, 2013, we became Mr. & Mrs. in front of God, family & friends.
& We really are living happily ever after. Don't get me wrong, it's not always a bed of roses. But, we truly live a wonderful life & are really thankful for it.

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