Grayson-4 months

& just like that you are 4 months old. You are our little angel right here on earth, buddy.

It's been a big growth month for you! As soon as you turned 3 months you started sucking on your hands & putting all toys in your mouth. If we hold a toy in front of you, you bring your hands up and grab it, then hold it in your hands. We are in awe of watching your grow, learn and discover this world. You still don't love tummy time, but you can hold your head up well! You are trying to roll from both your belly to back/back to belly, but just not quite there yet. You love to 'talk' with us & this month you have really found your voice. A few times you've let out this screech that has not only scared us, but you too! You still love to stand up like a big boy(we call you the Hulk) and you love to be held so you can see what's going on. We've started to notice how strong you are getting when we change your diaper, or you are taking a bath. Speaking of baths, you love them! You splash like crazy and are now exploring the toys in your bath. Your eyebrows really came in this month. They are sort of a sandy blonde. Your hair is the same (brown), with maybe a tad bit more on top. Your eyes still look like Mommy's, but they are big blue. They are so beautiful.

You had a lot of firsts this month. Your first restaurant experiences, which went smoothly. Your first big road trip and vacation to Siesta Key. Overall you did so wonderful & we are so proud of you! We also celebrated your Dad's first father's day! We also visited your Dad's alma mater too! This month we joined some groups at the library & a local Mom's group. Both have been fun for you and for Mommy. We got on a lot of fun adventures. You are still the happiest in the mornings. Daddy & I cherish that time with just us so much. You still sleep well at night (9-11 hours) & you take pretty good naps, still something we are working on! You are not a happy guy when you get overtired and it takes a lot to calm you down. You wear size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothes depending on brand. Exclusively breastfed still! (yay)

Happy 4 months, buddy! We love you!

(ugh, major Mom fail. We got home from vacation, so we were a little disorganized, & I totally forgot to add his bear to the 4 month picture. I won't forget to add it at 5 months, promise. :) 

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