first father's day

We celebrated Will's first father's day over the weekend. Will's one request was to be able to spend the day with Grayson & I and that's just what he got! That's one of the best things about Will, he is utterly devoted to Grayson & I. I thought it would be better to hear from Will himself about his experience on being a Dad, rather than me. So here he is folks...
Alyson has asked me to share my reflection on the paradigm shifting carnival ride that is the first few months of Fatherhood. So here is an Engineer's stab at creative writing....

Before Grayson I had little understanding of the joy a game of peek-a-boo with a questionably responsive critter could bring, not to mention dealing with excessive drooling and changing diapers.

Since Grayson first said "Hello" to us 4 months ago (feels like 4 years) I have been overwhelmed with anxiety, joy, and pride on a daily basis. Staying late at the office to finish a report is now utter nonsense, where as making overly dramatic faces and loud motorboat noises in public, perfectly sane.

Grayson has been an relentless teacher of patience, trust, happiness, and love. I am constantly perplexed and amazed at his ability to stare at me with a seemingly endless understanding. He has shown me yet another kind of Love.

Fatherhood has also shed a new light on my love for Alyson. The natural ease with which she has taken to being a mother and the incredible love and devotion she shows to Grayson on a daily basis are deserving of revere. I am truly the luckiest.

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