adventures of momma & grayson

Like I've stated in a previous post, our family has quickly fallen in love with this area. The people are so friendly, the town feels quaint, but with a lot of fun & kid friendly things to do.  

Recently my mom's group headed to this old Quarry that has been turned into this beach like swimming hole. Now I know a thing or two about quarry's from my time spent in Bloomington, so I was very interested in seeing what this looked like. 

^Yes, I died at the cuteness that is my child^

I was SO impressed with this swimming hole quarry and all it had to offer. It was large, with picnic tables, a beach volleyball court and plenty of activities for older kids to do in the water as well! They had just opened the week before we went, so the water was still chilly, but Grayson was so in love with the sand that he didn't mind hanging on the towel one bit.   


SO thankful I found this group & for fun outings we get to partake in together. We can't wait to take Daddy & show him how fun it is!

He was totally wiped out when we got home, even with taking a little nap there! Love my boy so much!

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