Night time routine

We knew before Grayson arrived that we wanted to have a night time routine with him. (Obviously not right away) We heard from other parents and read in books that it was the absolute best thing for them. Luckily, Grayson has lead us to this routine by starting to sleep in long lengths at night. 

Right after Grayson turned a month old he started sleeping 5 1/2-6 hour stretches at night, which is amazing for a breastfed babe. I remember the first night he did it, I woke up in a panic shaking Will making sure Grayson was breathing and ok. I was so used to getting up every 2-3 hours that it scared me to death. He has continued to do this and sometimes we get longer stretches of sleep too! 
We knew it was time to start when he started to outgrow his bassinet. We decided that once we got all set-up in our new place that we would switch him to his crib and see how he took to it. We went in with no expectations at all, just knew that we would be starting him on a bedtime routine and it's important we stick to it no matter where or what we are doing.

We started doing book, bath, nursing & bed around 2 1/2 months. He has taken to it wonderfully. The time for when we start will vary a little everyday depending on our nursing schedule, but we try to lay him down by 8:30. Occasionally he will fuss a couple times after we lay him down, but will go right back to sleep very easily. Will and I work as a great team with this routine and helps us have a few hours to talk to be with each other.
We know we are coming up on the dreaded 4 month sleep regression, so we will cross our fingers and toes that we all make it through! :)

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