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  This post was supposed to be submitted in April if that tells you how busy we've been. All good stuff, but busy nonetheless. We knew when this month (April) came about it would be busy. From Will's birthday, to Will traveling, our nephew's baptism, packing up our house (err trying too), to actually moving & all with a newborn babe who loves to eat, it was chaotic, but in the best way.

We are slowly getting settled in at our new place, but quickly loving our new town- as we knew we would. If you've ever moved to an area where you literally don't know anyone, then you know that finding a town you love and could see your family settling and growing is a huge blessing. 
We've got a busy May and June lined up. It always feels like the end of winter is dragging on & then boom, it's May. Trying desperately to soak up all of these beautiful days. 
Oh we are in this sweet stage with Grayson (I mean, they've all been sweet) BUT, he is really starting to figure out his emotions. He will give us the sweetest smile or giggle, but is also very good at giving a pouting face that has made his Mom tear up. Folks, you never want to see those lips pout-breaks your heart in half.
Will be celebrating my first Mother's Day this weekend and I'm really looking forward to it. I have a post about my Motherhood journey coming this week and all the ups and downs Motherhood comes with-what a joyous, but incredibly hard job we have.

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