Grayson's Baptism

On May 17th, our son, Grayson was baptized and welcomed into the Catholic church. It was a wonderful weekend shared with family & a few friends who could make it. A few tidbits about the ceremony: He was baptized in the same gown I wore 25 years ago. Grayson's Godparents are his Uncle Derek and Aunt Rachel. Monsignor Steve did the baptism. He was also baptized with three other girls.


^Grams made the white garment^
                                                                   ^four generations^

                                                                  ^Grams & Gramps^

We feel extremely blessed that so many family members were able to share this special day with us. Grayson was able to meet his Grams & Gramps (great-grandma and grandpa naville) for the first time. He was also met his Great Aunt Jill & Jenni and Great Uncle Bobby.

Happy Baptism, Grayson John!   

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