Grayson- 3 months

Our little guy is 3 months old!! It's been a really fun/big month with him. His personality has really started to come out & honestly, we can't get enough. We get lots of big smiles, giggles, a really sad pouting lip. He fills our life with so much joy & love, we are just so thankful to be his parents.

This month we moved to our new town (& LOVE it), you got baptized, celebrated my first Mother's Day, and you also met your great-grandparents. You are the happiest first thing in the morning and give us BIG smiles and giggles. You still love baths a lot. You track us and toys really well. You also started to grab at toys/anything you can get your hands on and it makes you really excited. You blow bubbles with your spit and are drooling constantly and with that we think you are in the early stages of teething. You love music, lights and mirrors. You won't take a paci.
You love 'talking' to us and make the sweetest 'coos' and noises. You are fascinated by your feet and LOVE kicking them anytime you can. You started to push up with your legs and stand on our laps and it makes you the happiest little guy ever. Tummy time and car seats aren't your favorite things in the world. Another big milestone was that we moved you to your crib this month and you took it like a champ. You sleep anywhere from 6-7 hours at night in crib and wake up for an early morning feeding before you go back to sleep until 5:45-6ish. I do think we owe you doing so well in your crib to your bedtime routine we started you on. You are still exclusively breast feeding (feedings are being spread out a little more now). You have beautiful blue eyes still, brown hair that is coming in more at the top and back. You are wearing mostly 6 month clothes depending on the brand. Size 2 diapers. 


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