daily walks/runs

Grayson loves to be on the go- I know when he starts crawling and walking we are in trouble! But, for now, he loves to go on walks with Sadie either in the stroller or carrier and also does an occasional run too. 


If he's already napped, he just sits in his stroller and stares out at the world. We love watching him and could probably stare at him all day. If he hasn't napped, but has been fed, he will slowly doze off. 

I love these little moments we share as a family. They aren't big milestones or us on vacation, but sometimes, the small moments are the best moments shared as a family. We talk about our hopes and dreams for our family or each other. We talk to Grayson about the trees, the blue skies or the birds chirping. 

No they aren't big moments. It's something we as a family hold close to our hearts and have been doing since Will & I started dating. It's been neat to watch our family grow with each passing year and to add a new member on our little tribe.

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