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Not only is it Holy Week...it's Will's birthday week and Grayson's first Easter all wrapped up in one. So many things to celebrate & blessings to count! I wanted to share a few tidbits of our life lately.. Aka Grayson ;) Slowly but surely turning into a Mom blog.

A little tummy time in the crib turned into a little nap in the crib. It lasted about 5 minutes, but Momarazzi (Me) was there to capture every moment. 


We attended our first mass with Grayson since he was born. It was the perfect time for us. The weather isn't freezing anymore & we are hoping less people are showing up to church sick. He was really good & was awake for most of it and fell asleep right before communion. 

Grayson above was saying hi to me all sweetly with his beautiful eyes. & then showing off his new kicks (they're socks)

We've been able to take a lot of walks with Grayson & sadie and they've been so nice- the walks, but Grayson and sadie are pretty nice too! Grayson falls right to sleep & it gives Mom and Dad a little time to catch up! 

^^this moment^^  will be etched in my brain forever and eternity. I was telling him how much Mom and Dad loved him & I got my phone out to capture just this moment and then all of a sudden he gave me the cutest grin (which he has been doing lately) & I swear my heart stopped.

Life is pretty tough.. good thing I have Mom to lay on.

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