hey-it's your birthday!

I love birthdays- I love making people feel special on their birthday, especially my husband. He is the best of the best & I love spoiling him extra on his day! This year already was extra special being his first one as a Dad.

Grayson & I went to visit Dad at work for lunch. Will's work was so excited for us when they found out we were expecting & at the arrival of Grayson. Grayson was pretty popular with everyone who was in the office. They couldn't get over just how cute he was & how well behaved he was too!
^^my boys...major heart emoji^^
We had so much fun and loved seeing each other during the day, especially on Will's birthday!
When Grayson & I got back home, we got to work on finishing up Dad's birthday cake. Can we just talk about how hard it is to smear icing around a cake-it gets me every time. Luckily Will only cares if it tastes good!

Grayson left me hanging a bit with singing happy birthday to Dad, but we did have a busy day, so I guess I'll let it pass this time.

Happy, happy birthday to the best husband & Dad. Grayson and I are so thankful for you & how you love and serve us unconditionally every day. Here's to 26!!

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