Grayson-2 month

Another month in the books for our little Grayson. It just keeps getting better and better. We feel so lucky he is ours. Sometimes all the time Will & I will find ourselves just staring at him taking him all in. That is probably why I find myself videoing all the time. I want to capture it all. Although I know capturing it all is impossible, but I'll do my best to capture what I can and when I can.

He is doing so well & even though he doesn't speak, Will & I are just beaming with pride over our boy. He is growing and healthy and for that we are grateful to The Lord. It really wasn't until this month that it really hit me just how awesome (& demanding, hard etc.) breastfeeding is. To see my boy grow every week and to think that I am the reason it's happening is such a beautiful and special thing. I'm so thankful for all the moments I have shared with him while breastfeeding, it hasn't been easy, but I'd do it all again. This month we had a lot of firsts for our family & Grayson (a lot are listed below.)

At 2 months you love looking at our ceiling fan, baths from Dad, me singing to you, held certain ways, eating, and Mom & Dad's voices. You hate passing gas or pooping, being in your car seat when the car is stopped, tummy time, being hungry or tired, & you don't like to be over stimulated. This month we saw your first smile & your first laugh, you attended your first mass and had your first two outings with just your Mom. You also celebrated your first holiday, Easter! Some other milestones; we visited Dad at work, cooing, you sleep 5 1/2 to 6 hours at night (yay!!!) You still are exclusively breastfeeding and you eat like a champ, every 1 1/2 hours during the day. You do take the occasional bottle from Dad or Mom. You are kicking like crazy, you now track us around the room & you know Mom and Dad's voices really well. You moved to size 2 diapers, wear 3-6 month onesies depending on the brand and 3 month pants. You have big beautiful blue eyes with brown hair that is coming in a lot at the top!
Your Dad & I decided you are looking more and more like me (Mom) and that point was proven when comparing some of my baby pictures with you. Although, at certain angles, I can see your Dad a little.

You light up our life in ways we could never imagine. We love you so much, our sweet boy!


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