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With Grayson turning 1 month tomorrow, I found it only fitting to finally hit publish on his birth story. I struggled with where to exactly begin, so let's just dive in, shall we? 
I was told on February 20th that tomorrow, the 21st, we would be meeting our baby, finally. I would be getting induced at 38 weeks and 2 days. My doctor came to the decision to induce me due to the blood pressure problems I had been experiencing the last week. She didn't want to prolong it anymore and put baby's health or my health in jeopardy.
The next day we arrived at the hospital at 7am ready to meet our baby. Once in the room, I got my gown on, IV in and hooked up to the monitors and then they asked me all the necessary questions. I was so lucky to have two really great nurses throughout the whole delivery. Shortly after, my doctor had come in and checked me. For the past two weeks I had been 1cm dilated and 75% effaced, so I was really hoping for some more progress. But, when she told me the exact same numbers I was a tad defeated, until I remembered I was at the hospital about to me my baby. :)

I was started on the Pitocin (which my mom kept calling potassium, which gave us a great laugh every time) around 9. However, I didn't start feeling the affects of it until around 11. My contractions starting picking up and the intensity of them started picking up as well. Still though, it wasn't anything I couldn't handle. I was still talking through them & some what comfortable.

 Around noon my nurse came in and checked my progress and I was only at 3 cm dilated and still 75% effaced. She then told me that my doctor would be in shortly to break my water and then things would really start to pick up. Boy was she right. Right after my water was broke I had told my doctor that I think I could wait a little until I got my epidural. Rookie mistake. Not even 3 minutes later my contractions picked up. I was unable to talk through them & the pain was unbearable and brought tears to my eyes. I decided I couldn't wait anymore, it was time for the epidural. I was now dilated at what they were calling 4.5 cm. I received my epidural around 2:30. I can't say enough good things about my epidural. The perfect combination of not feeling the pain, but still being able to tell that I needed to push.
Once I received my epidural things progressed quickly. I was checked again and I had progressed to 6 cm. My nurse was happy about my progress and predicted the baby would come before her shift ended at 7 p.m. They came back in an hour to check on me and I had already progressed to 10 cm. They couldn't believe that I had progressed that quickly. They had me wait about 30 more minutes before I started pushing so that I could receive my last dose of my antibiotic. 
About 4 nurses and a resident doctor who was assisting walked in to have me do a "practice push." Well the practice push turned into a real push and this babe was ready to come into the world. She had me quickly stop and called to see where my OB was. Well it turns out she had gone home because she was told that I was only at 6 cm, so she thought she had time- I guess? It was a little aggravating for me (Will & my Mom, too) I was so ready to push, but ended up having to wait about 20-25 minutes so that my doctor could get there. 
Once she walked in I was able to start pushing and it truly felt like time was standing still. I remember getting emotional right before they allowed me to start pushing. The weight of what that meant took over me. Our child would be entering the world soon. Everyone was cheering me on. Telling me how awesome I was doing & that I was so close. From my doctor, to the nurses, my Mom & Will. Everyone was so encouraging. About 15-20 minutes later our crying son was being placed on my chest and I was able to soothe him, touch him and hold him in my arms. The sweetest feeling of my life. I remember Will saying, "it's our Grayson!"
{I unfortunately was not gifted a pretty cry face, but I love this picture because it captures my true emotions of a moment I had dreamt about for a long time}

I know most first time Mom's are usually pushing for a while or may have to have a c-section, so yes, I feel grateful that mine went as smoothly as it could've gone. However, I don't want it to take away from how hard the whole laboring process is. Every woman has a different story, the length of your labor may be longer, but the work you are doing is the same- bringing a child into the world & it's such a beautiful thing.

I'm thankful to have had my two best friends in the room with me. To be able to share the experience with my Mom is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. & Will was so wonderful during delivery and has been even more amazing since coming home. Just like most Mom's have a natural instinct, I believe the same can be said for Dad's. He has dove head first into fatherhood and hasn't looked back. The way he looks at Grayson, my heart could burst at the love he has for our son.

Grayson John Naville, welcome to the world. My boy, you are so loved!

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  1. We had such similar births! Except my birth story somehow ended up being 14x longer ;) Love it.


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