road trip

Over the weekend we loaded up the car and made our first trip to Indiana with Grayson! Thus far Grayson didn't mind his car seat, so we figured he would sleep most of the way, but we would need to make a couple stops for both Grayson and Sadie. Both him & Sadie did wonderful. They made the trip nice & easy for us.

If you don't like pictures, then stop now because it's about to get crazy.

Will and I were excited about this trip for a lot of reasons, but the big one being we finally would get to meet our nephew who was born a week and a day older than Grayson. Almost to the exact minute too! We couldn't wait to get our hands on little Liam after a month of seeing just pictures of him.

(side note, I of course forget my camera, so I ended up having to take all my pictures with my phone. I was so bummed.)

^^Will & I with Liam^^
Little Liam is absolutely perfect. We couldn't get over all of his dark and beautiful hair. After carrying these boys for 38 weeks & 39 weeks respectively and all of us imagining the moment of them finally 'meeting;' it was better than any of us could've expected. I hope they always cherish their close age and know that no matter what, they always have a friend as a cousin- just so special.
They were finally awake at the same time, so we decided it was time to get their first picture together. They really did so well. They sat there next to each other looking up at all of us crazy people as we 'awwed' at everything they did. I couldn't stop taking pictures, of course.

After a few minutes, Liam started fussing a little & of course Grayson has to follow his big cousin and he started fussing too. It was still adorable. We may use this at their high school graduation ;)

Grayson meeting Uncle Derek and Aunt Julie. Derek was holding Grayson and was talking to him and all of sudden he just poops loudly and we all lost as you can tell. I said that payback for all the times he beat me up ;)

Mom & Dad holding Grayson as he snoozes away.
& then finally holding both grandbabies together. I'm not sure I've ever seen them so happy. A moment I will never forget!
Both boys got a special treat when they got to meet and hang out with their Great Aunt Brenda! Liam has met her previously, but this was Grayson's first time. Don't be fooled by him snoozing in the picture, he was super excited!

This was so neat. We had taken the before pictures back in September 2014 when Julie and I were still newly pregnant. We decided it would be neat to do an after picture with both boys.

After a busy day, we were happy just to relax and watch some march madness before round 2 on sunday.
Sunday before we left to head home, Grayson was able to meet his Uncle Luke & to see the rest of the family too! It worked out perfectly!

That rounds up our first trip back to Indiana! It was a wonderful weekend to see both families!  

  Back home & snuggled up with my family- so grateful. 

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  1. So sweet and a wonderful weekend 😃


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