little moments

My baby boy is asleep on my chest right now with his arms sprawled out. He is dreaming like he has from day 1. He breaths heavy in his sleep, just like I do. These are moments I don't want to forget. I know they won't last forever, and I'm ok with that because it means he is growing & thriving. But even though they won't last forever, I don't want to forget the details and how it feels. 

When he starts fussing and I lay him on my chest and whisper, "it's ok, mommy's here." He calms down and is comforted. I love that. He knows I'm Mom & that he is safe. Lately he'll grab my finger and squeeze it tight and I swear my heart stops. I know he doesn't know that he is holding my hand, but I thought of his little hands & feet and what they would look like. They are better than what I imagined.

Although our nights are long right now, I have bags under my eyes and sometimes he won't let me brush my teeth until noon- I'm doing my best to soak in all of these little moments that won't last forever. The moments that make it all worth it.  They are the sweetest little moments I've ever been apart of & I never want to forget them. I'm thankful God chose me to be his Mom and I get to have these little moments with him.

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