Grayson- 1 month

Happy one month to our sweet boy! It's amazing how much can happen in four weeks.
We have loved getting to know our Grayson. It's been fun and challenging to get to know his likes & dislikes. I know each month will bring us new likes & dislikes, but I do feel like Will and I learned so much about his little personality in this month. It's truly been the most amazing experience of our lives. 
What we've learned about Grayson thus far: 

-He loves his tongue-sticks it out and back in & rolls it too. 

-Hiccups a lot (he got the hiccups a lot when I was carrying him)
-Dreams anytime he is sleeping. (Opens his eyes while asleep, sticks out tongue, smiles & frowns while sleeping too) 

-he is always grunting or moaning when he's awake. 

-he loves when we sing to him 

-he always has his hands in his face and/or are constantly moving. 

-he is a very alert baby. 

-has his Mom's eyes and Dad's nose. Really though, he is a great mix. 

-likes getting a bath, but doesn't like coming from the bath to the cold air. 

-likes to be held over the shoulder and bounced or patted on the back. 

-hates changing clothes, but is getting better at diaper changes. 

-likes his pacifier, but is too lazy to suck on it. 

-he is nursing great, (not that we haven't had challenges), but is gaining weight & is healthy and that's all that matters. 

-during the day he eats every hour and half, but at night can go longer. 

-holds his head up well & doesn't hate tummy time

-he is wearing size 1 diapers. 

-depending on whether the clothes had a previous owner and the brand: most NB outfits are a little tight. Wearing 0-3 months.  

-he has blue eyes & brown hair that is continuing to grow & shocks his parents everyday!


He made his first trip to Indiana and got to hang out with both sides of the family. He also got to meet his cousin Liam who is a week older than him!

 Here is a little video of his first month of life. I can't believe that little newborn baby we brought home from the hospital is still the same baby. I'm so grateful for a healthy baby boy who continues to grow and flourish right in front of our eyes. We love you!


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