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The waiting game.
These last few weeks of pregnancy are tough as the excitement to meet our little one builds.
At any moment something could happen, but at the same time, you could have 3 more weeks to go.
3 more weeks to me is like an eternity. <----enjoying my dramatic flare?
I'm not even going to act like we are being patient about this waiting game, because we aren't.
Will & I are ready.
I don't mean in the sense of we know exactly what we are doing. I mean, we are ready to hold our baby.
We know, we know, it won't be easy and we won't sleep.
But, we also know it'll be worth it.
We are so anxious to meet this little one that has been growing inside of me.
We are so ready to start using his or her name.
We also know that it will come when it's ready & in some ways, we are ok with that.
So for now.
We wait & try really hard to be patient.

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