or otherwise titled "& she rambled.." January flew by, but February is going at snail pace. It's like you can almost see spring,  but not quite. Of course you have to look around the piles of snow that are slowly melting on the ground.

Will & I celebrated our last date night before our parenthood journey begins. We know, we know... cheesy. We don't do a lot of date nights, so we found this was something to celebrate. I had plenty of stares directed at me. I'm assuming they were making sure I wasn't actually going into labor standing there. & one lovely lady even said, "OO, you're about to pop!!!" Insert that one emoji with no eyes. Once we moved past that incident, all we talked about was our baby. We may be a wee bit excited.

Around 35 weeks I started swelling up in my ankles, hands & face. Completely normal, just another lovely side effect..& from what I've been told, it'll be worth it. Well we will see, EVERYONE. just kidding.. I know it will. ;)

My blood pressure was high at my last internal, so my doctor admitted me to the hospital to keep it monitored to make sure it wasn't preeclampsia. I had a feeling my BP would be high at this appointment. It's been great my whole pregnancy, but with my swelling, I knew something was up. Will met me there, thankfully. He really just calms my nerves. After about 4ish hours, we were sent home, but aren't out of the clear yet. We will know more after my appointment Friday.
I've had a feeling this baby wanted to come early & I just may be right.
Just a few minor {but exciting} updates from us. If you read this long, claps to you!

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