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 We got a lot of snow over super bowl weekend & I won't even pretend, I told Will to grab the camera, we are documenting this! baby bump + blizzard. What more can you ask for? I know, we are #predictable. Grab the bump, pose, grab the bump, pose.
Speaking of the baby bump...The days of 'us' are dwindling. Part of me(the one that for a split second forgets how much she uses the bathroom) can't believe it and the other part (the one who can't put her shoes on or move without feeling like she got the wind knocked out of her) can believe it.
Sigh.. What else? I read an article about parents letting go of their kids found it refreshing. You can find it here.
Another big event I haven't touched on, the end of Parenthood. Sigh.. that was hard to type.
Have we moved on from the finale in our house?
I've honestly thought...How will I survive without the Braverman family? Dramatic being my middle name and all.
There will forever be a void on Thursdays. However I'm sure my tear ducts are thanking me for giving them a slight break.  
But, alas, life must & will move forward.
Thank heavens for Netflix/DVD's of seasons. AMEN!
That's all for now.
Thanks for reading, folks.


  1. That last picture is my favorite!! I love it so much. Okay, so Parenthood...what do you love about it? I've never watched it and need someone to tell me why I should :)

    1. Thanks so much. I love that one too! :) o gosh.. I don't even know where to begin with Parenthood. Just a great show about a big loving family with relatable story lines & great music to go with the episodes. Once you start, you just get attached to the family. Give it a go for sure!


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