{homemade coffee creamer}

I think everyone clings to their coffee a little more on Monday mornings. Not to put a damper in that coffee you are probably sipping, but have you ever looked at the label on your coffee creamer? Of course it's filled with a lot of chemicals. Have no fear though because I have the perfect homemade coffee creamer recipe that not only taste great, but is a lot healthier for you!

What you need:

^^(or whatever kind of milk you want to add)^^
 Combine the 3 ingredients next:

After you pour it into the container you want, all that's left to do is to give it a good shake! 

Then enjoy! Of course there are so many other favors you can try, but this is my go to because it's so easy! Creamer usually last up to a week or so. Just like regular milk though, if it smells, get rid of it!

Happy, Monday! 


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