crushing winter

When February rolls around it's almost like you can see the sun at the end of winter, almost. The days get longer &.... *tries really hard to think of something positive to say about winter*

This winter especially I have found it difficult to stay motivated being physically limited. Although, my husband would probably argue and say I do too much. I remind him, I must. I have to stay busy or I get a little stir crazy. Gilmore Girl reruns anyone?
So you may be asking me, "Alyson, what are some ways you stay motivated during the cold dark stent of winter?" Or probably not, but for the sake of the post, just pretend. Kapeesh

Make your bed: I know, I know. So silly, but it really does get me set on the right track. & to get me really feeling motivated, I'll say some morning prayers while I make that bed all pretty. Then I got my motivation on & my heart feeling good.
Eat a healthy breakfast: All you breakfast skippers, you must stop! Especially when your immune system is needing something healthy. Don't eat on the go. Make something (egg, toast??) Sit down, with your spouse or kid(s) or hey! what about both. & eat up. It does your body good.
Get some fresh air: I know it can be rough when it barely gets above freezing, ice, snow, or all of the above but TRY. Even if it's a quick walk around the block. The fresh cold air will do you wonders and leave feeling a little cold, yes, but sooo refreshed.
Read a book: Get caught up in a great book to make those dark evenings a little more bearable. It helps, I promise!

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