Treat Yo' Self

Can we all just agree that pregnancy can be tough ? Don't get me wrong, it's amazing and rewarding, but it's hard too. Your body goes through all sorts of changes. Being a first time Mom, I wasn't exactly sure what my first pregnancy would be like. I will have to say, overall I've had a pretty great pregnancy with only a few minor things to complain about.  
Despite that, there were times where my body was telling me to slow down and rest, but I felt guilty. I hate that feeling. I felt that I didn't deserve to treat myself a little bit. I was SO wrong. Whether you are 5 weeks or 9 months, we all deserve a little you time.
It only took me 9 months to realize that, but here are a few easy and cheap ideas for you moms-to-be or moms:
1.) Rest- 9 months of carrying your precious baby and you deserve to have a little R&R. So kick up your feet and enjoy a nice nap, bath, or a movie at home!
2.) Have a girls day- If your girlfriends are anything like mine, they will be so excited for you and will want to hear all about how you and baby are doing. Plan an outing during the day with them and share all the exciting news!
3.) Pamper yourself- Go and get a prenatal massage or a mani/pedi. (with the ok from your doctor) A lot of massage places have discounts for prenatal massages if you've never been before- check out your local place. Even if it's 30 minutes, it'll be totally worth it!
4.) Dress up the bump- Trust me, I know how easy it is in the last few months to stay in sweats and your husbands shirts. (Clearly, I'm speaking from experience) Take a day and dress up the bump a little. You don't have to put on high heels, but something that makes you feel good and your husband stop in his tracks. :) It'll lift your spirits high!
5.) Go on a date- Plan a date night with your husband. Maybe it's the last one before baby comes or maybe your husband will plan something special for you two. Either way, take a little time to spend with each other. Even if you have older children, get a way for even just a night. You'll come back with your spirits refreshed and ready to welcome this bundle of joy!
What are some ways you pamper yourself during pregnancy? I'd love to hear!

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