Can't get enough of my pregnancy talk?
Good. it's all we talk, think, dream about. So why not blog about it too?

When I hit my third trimester I did my best pregnancy jump in the air and said "whoo hoo" almost there, baby! but then.... you count the weeks that are in that trimester and you realize that you still have some time before you could go into labor. The third trimester is tough. It's hard to breath, bend over, walk, get up...everything is just a little more difficult. Not complaining, just stating some fun facts.

But, but.. thanks to 'nesting' life is very busy for us.

Organizing about anything I can and tossing anything that is in my way. Cleaning every inch of the house twice over & with the help of my husband, rearranging everything too. Of course, I sorta love it. Who am I kidding? I love it. My inner OCD is grinning big time.

 ^^painting our bedroom furniture in my 8th month of pregnancy^^

& I know this is all pretty nail biting stuff, but I thought I would also pass along that my inner planner is pretty happy as well.
We have clean baby clothes, blankets, swaddles, sheets etc.
hmm..what else...o ya, Our car seat was locked and loaded a couple weeks ago.
Frozen dinners have been started- told ya, I'm a planner.
On any website I read about the last months of pregnancy, it says to make sure to get plenty of foot rubs. Good thing my husband is foot rubber extraordinaire. ;)


& like I said, earth shattering stuff over here. I know my nesting won't last long, so I am making the most of it. Baby, we are just a little ready to meet you. I honestly think some of the older woman at church are generally scared that I'll go into labor at church. & to them I say, me too, ladies, me too.

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