making him a dad.

To find the right words for this post have been hard. I take such pride in the fact that I'll be a Mom. & I know that Mom's get a lot of credit, which they deserve, but I fully believe that Dad's deserve a lot more credit than what we give them.

Watching my husband become a Dad has been one of the greatest joys in my life. The way he lights up when talks to my belly, or the pride he takes in helping put together things for the nursery, or his hopes for fatherhood. He may be nervous or think he isn't fully prepared, but I know differently. I know that God has prepared him for this journey more than he knows.
We are weeks away from embarking on parenthood together. It brings such warmth and love to my heart that this man will be the father of our children and I will get to witness the love, joys & struggles he will experience through fatherhood.

Sweet baby, your Daddy loves you more than I can say. We are so lucky to be able to feel his love for us.   

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