Hospital bag essentials

With a month until my due date, our hospital bag is packed and ready to go, just in case. Call us prepared or just anxious (& obnoxious)  first time parents, but really, it's both  or all 3, really.
Of course, everyone is different when it comes to their hospital bag depending on the situation, but I think I covered the basics of what we are bringing. I didn't add granny panties or socks, because I feel like everyone knows they are necessary, no matter what. If not, add them to your bag ASAP. I know mom's will be hanging out in some lovely mesh panties for awhile, but bring yours just in case!
Anyway, here is a hospital bag check-list for Mom, Dad, baby & other random things. Just for your liking! 
1.) Nursing Pajamas: Whether it's a pajama set, a nursing gown or both. They are a must. Not only are they comfortable, but super easy to remove if you are nursing your little one. I went up a size just to make sure they weren't too tight on my body after I've just given birth. These are not only a great price, but it comes with a robe too! Win, win!
2.) Nursing bras: From the research I've done, I've only heard amazing things about these nursing bras. They are comfortable, so you can wear these to bed to help with leaking.
3.) Slippers: I feel like most people have slippers (or house shoes) like this already. But nope, not me! These will help prevent you from slipping and falling in just socks. Minnetonka is such a great brand. I highly recommend these.
4.) Robe: I added this robe in case the pajamas you bring don't come with a robe. It's a necessity for various reasons. The one in the link is the exact one I bought and it's on sale right now! I wore it around the house for an evening and o my it's so comfy. I wanted to find one that would obviously keep me covered, but that wasn't too heavy where I was too warm at the hospital. This one is perfect!
5.) Camera : The most important item for me by far! (Don't forget the battery & charger either) If you don't have a DSLR, a point and shoot camera is just fine, just as long as you have something to capture this special moment!
6.) Nursing pads : Again, with the research I've done, all the experienced moms say these are the best! Amazon has large packs of these for super cheap!
7.) Boppy pillow: I'm sure a regular pillow could work as well, but these boppy pillows are not only great for nursing moms, but they also help the older siblings hold the little baby. Just a great purchase overall.
8.) Chap stick: Chapped lips are no fun, so be sure to bring plenty of chap stick for you and your spouse! Normally I would just say to bring your favorite, but my friend gave me baby lips as a part of my shower gift and o my gosh... it's so nice! I'd give it a try. I also know burts bees is fantastic as well.
1.) Slippers: Dad will be walking a lot more, so be sure he is prepared with his slippers too (& comfortable tennis shoes) . My husband loves his.
2.) Sweats: Or whatever he is comfortable sleeping in and wearing in front nurses & doctors. No sleeping in your underwear here, Dads!
3.) Light zip-up hoodie: Hospitals are normally pretty chilly, so have Dad put a light jacket in the bag just in case! This one from target is a great price and quality.
4.) Water bottle: it's so important Dad's stay hydrated and awake to help you through labor. Make sure he brings a water bottle to refill
5.) Jeans: If your husband is anything like mine, he prefers to be wearing jeans during the day and/or in front of strangers. (except at night, of course) anyway, have him bring a pair for pictures and for when family comes!
6.) V-neck tshirts: These are easy & comfy to wear for Dad and lightweight to pack. Have him bring a couple just in case!
7.) Snacks: probably one that everyone forgets, but make sure Dad is fully charged to go with some food! & you'll save some money by not having to go to the cafeteria for food!
I need to preface this next section by saying we opted to not find out the sex of our baby, so my baby check-list is gender neutral for a reason, but it has the essentials nonetheless.
1.)  Footed onesie: Some like the this footed onesie as the take home outfit for the baby, depending on weather & parent. This one is so adorable & gender neutral, score!
2.) Hat: A hat is a must for the baby! Of course they have adorable ones if you know the sex of your baby, but I thought this one was simple and cute.
3.) Blanket: Of course the hospital has the standard blanket, but if you were give a cute one at a shower, it's not a bad idea to bring it for pictures & what not. I love this one from gap.
4.) Baby socks: Now depending on if you like the footed onesie, you won't need baby socks, but if you aren't a fan, then baby socks are a must. They are so tiny & adorable.
5.) Gender neutral onesie: This onesie from Gap is perfect for part of baby's take home outfit! Add pants, socks & a hat and baby is ready to head home!
6.) Pants: These pants will go perfectly with the onesie above!
7.) Car Seat: You may think, well duh! But, I've heard from several people that they forgot it or almost forgot, so be sure to have it next to your hospital bag just in case! Also, make sure you base is installed properly. Your hospital will check and make sure baby is safe before you leave. You can go to your local fire station and they will check to make sure everything is good to go!
& to wrap up the check-list, here are some extra items to be sure to bring!
Misc items:  
1.) Laptop or Ipad to watch a movie or possibly play some music
2.) Make sure you have all chargers for your phones, camera & laptop etc..
3.) Your pillow & blanket from home is a must. A little tip is to change the pillow cover to a colored one, so you don't mix it up with the hospital ones!
4.) Toiletries for Mom:
-Hair dryer
-face wipes
-Dry shampoo
-hairband etc..
5.) Toiletries for Dad is probably pretty self explanatory.
6.) A folder to keep all important paperwork
7.) Don't forget insurance cards & photo ID's.
8.) I've heard it's a good idea to bring a small bag to put all the leftover hospital supplies in to take home!
Don't bring diapers or wipes.
I probably went overboard a tad, but it's better to be safe than sorry, right? Riiighhhtt.
I know I probably forgot some items, so what do you have in your hospital bag?


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