What I've learned..

Because everyone love unsolicited advice, right? riiighht. These are completely random tips from clothes to symptoms. Take these tips with a grain of salt or sand, because whatever I found out during my pregnancy, will probably be opposite for you. Nonetheless though....

I don't even know who this ^ girl is!

// First and foremost, maternity jeans are sent from Heaven above. I promise. If I could wear these pants for the rest of my years here on earth, you better bet I would. Heck, maybe I will. My goal was to find at least 3 pairs of jeans since I would be pregnant for all of fall & winter. I'm pretty hard on jeans and I like to wear them a lot of different ways (I.e. flats or boots) Motherhood maternity is awesome. So one flared pair, one skinny, and then one pair to wear with those messy outfits on the weekends where you don't really care what you look like, but don't want your husband to see you in his sweats again, even though he doesn't care.

// Most everyone knows about morning sickness during the first trimester. Some woman have it rough & some woman don't have it all. One thing you may suffer from that you don't hear a lot about is exhaustion. From around 6ish weeks to 13 weeks I was tired all the time. After work I would have to come home and lay down immediately. A walk down the street felt like I ran a marathon. I was hard on myself because I felt like I was being lazy. Don't be like that! You are growing a human and it takes a lot of work and energy!
// DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT spend a ton of money on maternity clothes. Unless you are a millionaire, it's not worth it, promise. Along with my jeans goal, my maternity sweater/shirts goal was to hopefully find something I could even pull off after baby & I think I nailed that. I like bigger sweaters for the winter anyway, so that now I can wear them even if I'm not expecting. Try to also find shirts you can wear under cardigans, that way if you get pregnant in another season you can hopefully wear the shirts without the cardigans.  
// Sports bras are your best friend (or no bra at all). The first trimester your lady friends hurt real bad. I mean, hugging is out of the question for anyone. If you haven't found a brand of sports bras you love already, my advice is to try and make it out of the first trimester before purchasing more because on top of them hurting, they are growing too. high-five to my flat chested friends! I promise you'll enter your second trimester, forget all about your boobs hurting. :)

// Gender neutral is always a great idea, even if you know what you're having. Will and I decided to keep the sex of the baby a serious mystery for everyone (including us), which has probably been the best thing. Any of our big ticket items (i.e. stroller, crib, car seat, swing, etc.) are all neutral and can be used again for the next little blessing. Also, any clothes we've received can be worn with both sexes. SCORE! My advice for at least the big ticket items, keep it as neutral as possible so you can use it again, even if you know the sex.

// Let your husband help you. Mine was/is SO helpful. Cleaning, cooking, massages.. you name it, he'll help. It's great because you get a little glimpse of how they will be caring for your baby too!

// Don't be so hard on yourself. Yes you're gaining weight, yes you will be tired and take more naps then you did when you were an infant, & yes your body hurts in ways you couldn't even imagine. But, despite all of that, it is amazing. Watching yourself grow a human inside of you, I still can't get over it. It's so wonderful & hard, but worth it, so I hear ;)

Just some random tips and advice I wanted to pass along that I've learned. The main thing is to of course enjoy the whole pregnancy!

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