In my final trimester

Well here we are. Our final trimester together. I feel a little sad about only having a few more weeks to carry our child, but of course the other half is ready to meet our baby. I'm not sure at what age I thought about being a Mom, but I knew I wanted to be. I always wondered what my pregnancy would be like. Would I suffer from morning sickness? What food would I crave? I am so thankful that I've had a healthy pregnancy.

I'm very much a to-do-list maker. With the final trimester comes the finalizing for the baby & making sure we have everything lined up. It can be a little overwhelming if we let it. But that's where being pregnant during Advent is a serious blessing. I find myself leaning on Jesus more than ever. The concern of what do we still need and can we get all done? diminishes when I think of Advent's invitation to set aside anxiousness or worry and know that God will take care of everything. What will be, will be.


I've started to work on flashcards that I can read during labor. They mostly have bible verses and a just a couple quotes. If you will join my family and saying a prayer for us as we enter our final trimester and are closer than ever to meeting our child. Pray we turn to God in times of worry or doubt. Pray for a safe and healthy labor and baby. If you have any favorite bible verses or quotes, please pass along!  

It feels like our baby has been with us forever. It's amazing to think he or she has always been apart of God's plan for us. Thank you for this perfect gift, Lord.  

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