baby shower #2

Like I said in my previous post, Will & I (baby & Sadie in tow, obviously) took our last trip back to Indiana for 2014 & for 2015 for sometime for our second baby shower! My mom, sis-in-law & life-long friend hosted a wonderful shower for the 3 of us!
Please ask permission to use my photos. All rights are reserved to the naville life.
I've fallen in love with Will in a way I didn't know possible since becoming pregnant. I can't even imagine the love I will have for him when I see him as the father of our children.  

My sis-in-law made this adorable diaper wreath!

Boy or Girl?? No one knows!

I was just over the moon about seeing some of my best friends. I was missing a few, but still felt the love. They were all so excited for Will and I, which made us feel great. Will was also able to eat lunch with his old roomie and friend, Dave. I know they had a great time as well.
Girls with Grandma and my beautiful Aunt Brenda!

 My Mom & Julie worked so hard to have a wonderful shower for us and boy do we appreciate it. We are currently in the process of organizing the baby's room & getting all of our gadgets and what not set up and put into place. Thankful for all of our showers and all of the gifts we've received! Our baby is loved so much!

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