baby shower #1

Warning: lots of pictures!
While we were in Indiana for Thanksgiving weekend, my mother and sister-in-law threw us a baby shower! Will & I were really looking forward to it! I said "we were" because I unfortunately woke up that morning with stomach bug. It was too late to call everyone to cancel, so in between talking to family & friends, I was getting sick in the bathroom. Not fun, but everyone was so nice and stayed to chat, even if I looked pale the whole time.  
The bassinet above has been in Will's family since his Aunt Judy was a baby. It was then passed on to his Uncle and then Dad. After that, all of the grandkids have used it.

Myself & Will as baby's-both at 1 month old.

Calendar to predict when baby naville will be born.
The shower was an open house since it was over a holiday weekend. They had little breakfast items out for everyone. The three of us were showered with lots of love. I truly love baby showers because I get to share it with Will.

Below we are with Will's Grandma Naville. She makes a quilt for all of her great-grandchildren. Ours will be their 27th great-grandchild- which is just amazing. We will cherish the quilt and this picture forever.
Despite not feeling well, we had a wonderful time. We are SO thankful to everyone who stopped by and showered us with love. We are so grateful for you all!

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