2014-A look back

When the New Year rolls around I am always shocked. New Year? Weren't we just celebrating 2014? True to the saying, "The days are long, but the years are short." I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and talk about some of our favorite moments of 2014. It was definitely the year of the babies!

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At the beginning of 2014 we survived our first 'polar vortex' in Chicagoland. It was absolutely the worst winter I could ever remember, but we survived!

We also purchased our first car together, which was huge for us! We treat her like a baby :)

After the harsh winter, Spring finally rolled around for us & boy were we ready. It brought beautiful sunshine, blooming flowers, green grass, a visit with my besties and Will's birthday!



June 2014 was probably the best month of the whole year! We had a vacation planned in Colorado, saw some of our best friends get married, found out my brother and sister-in-law were expecting & we found out that we were expecting too!
Like I said above, during our trip to Colorado is when we found out we were expecting baby naville. We waited about a week after we got back to confirm what we already knew!

Derek and Julie told our family right before our trip out to Colorado!

For the fourth of July we took a trip to Douglas Michigan with my family to visit my Uncle Chris, his family & my Great Uncle Ed! I used to spend all of my fourth of July's there, so it was neat to show Will around!

^^when we told my Dad that we were expecting, he put it together that we were pregnant when the family was in Douglas. He couldn't believe it, mainly because I didn't look it or
act it. My first trimester symptoms started when we got back, thankfully.^^ 
We spent the remaining of July and August telling our family and close friends.

& then announcing to everyone else below!
September rolled around and we celebrated our first anniversary on September 7th!


 The biggest part of our year was of course our pregnancy & then documenting that from the beginning! You can see all of the baby bump pictures from the beginning. (click on the link)
In October we welcomed Fall with open arms, I think I blogged about how much we love Fall several times. We still do :)

We handed out candy to the kiddos and of course talked about how we will be trick-or-treating next year with our little one!
Not long after Halloween came my 25th birthday!

Will and I decided that we wanted to take a few maternity pictures with the pretty Fall leaves. We used our tripod and camera and they turned out so good, at least we think so!

Throughout Fall we worked hard on the baby's room. It has turned out so well and has quickly become our favorite room, by far. We still have a few minor things to do so after that I will have a post about it!

 After my birthday we celebrated my sister-in-law, baby Dant and Derek at their baby shower! My Mom and I had a lot of fun planning the shower together.

Quickly after the shower came the Holidays. The first being Thanksgiving. We spent Thanksgiving in Indiana and had our first baby shower while we were there. Unfortunately I got the flu bug the morning of my shower, so I spent most of it in the bathroom.  

We arrived home and officially welcomed Christmas with open arms. We decorated our house and our tree. The Christmas season was upon us!
In December we also had our second and final baby shower in Indy. We felt the love and appreciated it all so much!

Since Christmas was just last week, you can read more about that below.
That wraps up our 2014! Wow, what a year it has been. I truly enjoyed making this post and re-living all of these moments again. Will and I even shed some tears again at the video of us telling family and friends about baby naville. God truly directed our lives in 2014 and we couldn't be more thankful for that. We know 2015 will bring us many changes and challenges, but more importantly, it will bring us our greatest gift of 2015, our first child. I can't put into words how excited and ready we are to meet him or her. Until then, we will soak in the rest of our days as just the two of us and anxiously await our arrival. Thank you, 2014, for all the memories & love you showed us.
Happy New Year, family and friends. We wish you health, happiness and a whole lot of love in 2015.

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