What we want you to know..

Baby N,
Before we held you, kissed you, heard you cry for the first time or even knew if you were a boy or a girl, we loved you. Your Mom and Dad spent a lot of time praying about you before you were growing in Mom's stomach. We wanted you so badly. Finding out about you and watching you grow inside of me has been the greatest experience of our lives and we know that it's only going to get better when you are here with us. We talk to you often and every time we do you kick or swim by. It's like you are saying hi to us! We often wonder who you will look like or what your personality will be like. We have been working hard to get as prepared as we can, but we know God will guide us sent he sent us you. We walk past your room every day and imagine us rocking you to sleep in the late nights or early mornings. Sometimes we'll just find ourselves in your room looking around & imagining you in there with us. Our weeks of you growing inside of me are dwindling down, don't get me wrong, we are SO excited to meet you and hold you in our arms, but this time of you growing in me & kicking so your Dad and I can feel has been so precious. You are such a gift and we love you.

Mom & Dad

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