I find myself in the baby's room a lot. Praying, thinking, and dreaming. About the baby, the future, and motherhood. My hopes and dreams for Will & I as we enter this new stage of parenthood. 


I think all new moms (& dads) have the same thoughts. All being summarized in, "will I be able to handle this?" I've thought a lot about this question and prayed about it. The same answer kept coming back to me. God gave us this child, he will prepare our hearts for parenthood. 


Instead of worrying about whether I can handle my new title, I am trying to remind myself of what a gift it is to hold the title. Worrying won't help me (or us) enjoy this exciting new stage in our lives. 


So when I find myself overwhelmed or worrying about this new stage, I find myself in the baby's room. Staring at an empty crib, empty frames, diapers waiting to be used and clothes waiting to be worn. I try and imagine our baby. Boy or girl? It doesn't matter. I can hear baby laughs, cries & coos. I find myself here because a sense of calm rushes over me. I know that even through the hard times and the times we aren't sure if we are doing everything right, God will guide us because this baby is a gift from Him.


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