I broke out my Christmas socks this week. We don't even have snow on the ground, but I'm ready. I won't wear them until we actually start decorating, but they are out and ready. Speaking of decorating, I think we have some sort of plan of when that will start. We will be gone for thanksgiving, which really throws a wrench into the whole decorating plan, but I think we decided to do outside lights this weekend and then when we get back the Sunday after Thanksgiving we will go and pick out our tree, blast Christmas music and re-decorate the whole place with everything we've got. I'm really looking forward to it, clearly. We started traditions last year that we really loved and plan on continuing those as our family expands. 

Which brings me to our Thankful board we started for this thanksgiving season. I woke up one morning & walked into the kitchen to find this. It was sweet and totally unexpected & isn't that the best kind? When you are least expecting it. We've been changing it every couple days or so and its not always about each other. It makes you stop and appreciate the little everyday things. I love the thankful board. 

I took a picture of these berries, 1.) because they were delicious and 2.) because baby goes crazy after I eat them. Just something I wanted to remember. 

Sadie hasn't been sleeping well. Our return for our register is loud and it scares her? Don't ask me why, but she is up at all times of the night. Maybe she is preparing us for the baby. I was folding clothes and looked over at her to see her head bobbing back and forth as her eyelids closed. Someone was a little sleepy. 

My sister-in-law and I at her baby shower over the weekend. These babes will have way too much fun growing up together. We are all so excited about that. 

It's a known fact in our household that I am not a morning person. Not the type that has to sleep in until at least noon, but the type where I need to be given me a few minutes to really wake up before making any life decisions. My coffee and the morning light was too good to pass up.

My favorite corner in the house-the baby's room. I love being able to walk past that room everyday and just imagine. Our life is going to change drastically in a few months and we are just giddy about it. It will be tough to adjust to at the beginning, probably, but with the tough will come amazing moments.

Hello Bare belly shot! Some woman don't like showing it off & that is fine, but I am don't mind for documentation sake. I feel like it looks tiny in that picture? don't let it fool ya. Lately when Will & I will talk to the baby it will kick back automatically. We love it so much.

Lastly, my current book I'm reading. I had heard wonderful things about it and decided to give it a try. So far, so good. It touched on something Will did for me lately. The author spoke about building your spouses confidence if they are lacking in a talent they have. I've been blogging for two years & have been so, so nervous to share my thoughts, ideas, words, and our world with everyone. Scared of how critical people can be or if they would question why I was even doing it? Will kept telling me it doesn't matter what they think, you're enjoying it and that is all that matters. I know, I'm in pre-school. But he was right. It didn't matter. He built my confidence up over several months and one day, I believed him and decided to share. Don't get me wrong, I don't think blogging is necessarily a talent, anyone can do it. However, I do believe it takes some guts to share your words & life with everyone. I truly enjoy documenting our life and will continue to do so, thanks to Will. :)

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