hey, hey, hey 25!

It's so good to see ya. :) Really, it is.  While I think in this day in age, most 25 year olds are working their first job, maybe moved back in to their parents home, and most likely still finding time to go out and party with friends.
That life really wasn't for me. (not that it's wrong if you are 25 and doing that!)

Instead, I am searching the internet about newborns, smelling food cooking from our crock-pot as I wait for my husband to come home, and best of all, feeling our precious miracle kick inside of me. Some think I am missing out on life, being young and traveling the world. & That's ok. But, I wouldn't trade any of that for all that my life brings to me.

As my birthday approaches I find myself reflecting on this past year and just life in general. This is the age I will become a Mom. While other woman my age couldn't imagine having a kid at 25, I can't imagine my life any other way.
At 25 looking back at my life, I've been so blessed-truly. & to think, it's only going to get better. I'll have a family of my own. I feel like I'm at this pinch me because I have to be dreaming stage in my life. My birthday isn't until Thursday, but I've already been feeling the birthday love!
 Here's to 25! I can't wait to met you, baby!

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