Watch out, I'm about to get on my soapbox. Read on if you dare. 

Will & I found out we were expecting our baby in June, about 3 months before our 1 year wedding
anniversary. We were/are ecstatic. We received a lot of the same type of questions, "was it planned.?"  "why so early in your marriage?" or just the blunt statement of, "you guys haven't been married for a year yet." 

While I know not every young couple wants to have a kid at our age, let alone be married, this is something we knew we wanted with the help of God's love and timing. So, when said parties propose these questions to us, I can't help (Will's a saint) but furrow my brow be like God's timing, not ours!

We don't take our fertility for granted for a second. I know that there are many, too many, couples all over waiting for their chance to be parents. It hurts my heart to even think of the pain they are going through.

Although our child isn't here yet, this pregnancy has been the biggest blessing, ever. & with God on our side, we hope to be blessed with more pregnancies that in turn become healthy kids.

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