Birthday Recap

I know, I know.
You guys have been dyyying to read a re-cap of my 25th birthday. Well your wish is my command.
We were quite the party animals.
 Enjoy & try not to fall asleep...

We kept my birthday pretty low-key this year. We kept saying, this is our last one celebrating with just us! I actually had my birthday off from work and really spent it relaxing and catching a few zzzz's from my early wake-up call due to my antibiotic I spoke about in my 23 week post here.
Will got home and made us a nice dinner and a cake. (Thank you!!!) He sang Happy Birthday to me and I blew out my '25' candle and that is how we celebrated my actual birthday since it was during the week. We also had a super nice fire, did I mention it was chilly? It was. However, we had a nice fire and our favorite TV shows (Scandal and Parenthood) are on Thursday nights, so it was a win/win for us.

The weekend rolled around and we planned to go out to eat Saturday and then head to IKEA (our first time) to look at some various things for the baby's room.
Our food was delicious and the restaurant was just really neat! I had gone to the bathroom (which I find myself doing a lot more lately) and when I got back they had brought me a delicious warm brownie and some ice cream.

A quick funny birthday story that I'm still laughing at a week later. We got a new coffee maker, it's the old school drip kind. The first time I used it, I put a little too much coffee in. Right when Will was leaving for work he kept talking about how wired he felt and about an hour I checked my phone and had these four messages from Will. {Keep in mind that our dog, Sadie, was at home with me}

It's probably one of those stories that only Will and I can honestly laugh about, but I had to document it, because no joke, a week later I am still laughing at it. Will's really good at that. :)

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