A little refresh

To my loyal readers... do you notice anything different? No? Not obvious? Ok, fine, I'll spill the beans. The blog got a makeover & a new name by yours truly. A little more simple than the last title, but you'll find the same content you found before, i.e loads of baby belly pictures & hilarious posts about our life. Truly earth shattering stuff.  
However, if you're new here, hello! I am happy you dropped in!
This past weekend was a good one. We celebrated my birthday (post coming soon), our nursery looks like a baby could come at anytime, thanks to IKEA, and on top of that we put up 2 strands of Christmas lights outside. Yes, you read correctly.
Sorry little fellow, not in this household. We had every intention of getting the Christmas lights hung outdoors since it was unseasonably warm out, but our indecisive selves couldn't decide how we wanted to do it. Seriously. We both decided it was too hard to imagine what it looks like in the daylight/before thanksgiving is here. So alas, 2 lonely Christmas lights are outside waiting to be joined by the rest of their friends.
Anyway, I did want to share a few of our 'maternity pictures' we took a few weeks ago when the Fall leaves were gorgeous! We knew we wanted to take some maternity pictures in the fall & winter, but didn't want to spend a fortune. So, we decided that since we have a pretty nice camera and a tripod, that we could do it ourselves! Totally easy, right? Well, I will say we did get a few really great ones and some that are pretty funny!

Please ask permission to use my photos. All rights are reserved to the naville life.
Not bad for a tripod + timer. We will absolutely treasure these pictures for time and eternity. I was getting ready to start my 22nd week & I can't believe the difference 2 weeks makes!

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