Thoughts & Boat Rides.

Happy October 1st to everyone! What a beautiful Fall day we have here. Sun is shining, but the air is crisp. I just LOVE it. I thought I would mix it up from my pregnancy updates, so here I am.
This past weekend Will and I went on the architecture tour in Chicago. I think I've said it before, but it's something we had been wanting to do for a while and boy did we hit the jack-pot for weather. Talk about the most gorgeous Chicago day.
Navy Pier
The Navy Pier is fun, but I would recommend getting there early before the big crowds come in. When we got there it was so crazy, with so many people. I couldn't imagine taking kids there when it was that busy.
On the boat, getting ready to take off! Sunshine, blue skies.. perfect!

We ended up going on the weekend where the bears were playing the packers in Chicago. The city was pretty packed. We had some packers fans on our boat, along with some bears fans, of course. Luckily, no fights broke out. ;)


We had some pretty amazing views. We heard a lot of new stories about buildings we have seen before. Overall, I would recommend it to couples- we had some young kids on the boat who were getting a little agitated for that long of a trip with really nothing to do but watch and listen.
Wearing head-to-toe maternity clothes today and I love it. Will and I got our flu shots after the doc basically said, "you better or I'll come after you." just kidding- but she gave me a serious look and I got a little scared. Anyway, life is sweet and we are so happy!  

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