things I love

Things I love.

1.) waking up to baby kicks
2.) whenever Will and I get to feel baby moving at the same time. it's magic.
3.) windows open, cool fall breeze coming in
4.) reading a good book
5.) the weekends at home with no plans. (just the best)
6.) when Sadie gets her sleepy eyes. (too cute for words)
7.) laughing until you cry or squeal-which I seem to be doing more lately.
8.) yummy soup
9.) being pregnant.
10.) a clean home- such an accomplishment.
11.) being able to walk to church.
12.) peanut butter toast with cut up bananas (i'm five)
13.) pictures- old & new. I can't get enough.
//caught the end of the news today & there was just a lot of bad news/political drama and it just made me mad// I know there is a lot of good that goes unreported, but I just wanted to type up some simple things I love.// nothing special, they just make me happy. 

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