Fall Recap

The older I get the more I appreciate the pops of color I get to witness during the Fall. It's relaxing, inviting, and makes you stop and appreciate the beauty around you. 

I see the beauty so differently this year. While I plan to touch on this more in a different post, pregnancy has changed me. It's the most beautiful miracle that I have the opportunity to carry our child. I look at my pictures of me before I was pregnant and it's hard to imagine life before we were expecting. 

At the end of 19 weeks here.
Will and I have been enjoying this season of life tremendously. All the new changes coming our way. We've been able to carve pumpkins with friends, make and eat lots of chili on those cool evenings, have several fires in the fireplace. Fall has been good to us.


We carved pumpkins at the beginning of October with Cassie and Joe- Way too much fun! Lots of yummy soup and laughs.

mid-morning run pit-stop.
The colors this year have been so incredible. I've enjoyed snapping photos here and there of the beauty. Just a little recap of some stuff we've been up to this Fall, a little random, I know! I'll leave you with this....
She really only tolerates us. :)


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