Entering a world we don't know....

But we are quickly learning & figuring out how it works. 

The world of babies & kids! 
As new parents we know we have so much to learn and a lot of that learning will come along the way. To us though, that is the exciting part, learning together. Figuring out what works for us as a family and when baby comes, what works for him or her.
Will and I registered this past weekend for baby N. I consulted with our good friends, Krista Robinson and Kara Matthews on how we should go about registering for baby the correct way. We've been down this registering road before for our wedding, so we sorta knew the drill. It was just a tad overwhelming registering for our wedding and by the time we got to the second store, we just wanted to sit down and have a beer. So, we were a little hesitant about registering for baby, even though we knew we had to.
Well, after our GPS got us lost twice, we weren't off to a good start. :) However, once we arrived the friendly people at buy buy baby and the little newborn socks we I stared at for about 5 minutes and imagined our baby in those, we quickly got ourselves together and truly had SO much fun. Bonus- we got it done in 1 day!
As we walked through isle after isle of stuff our baby will need, some of it we had never heard of or we thought, does our baby really need that? I think pretty normal questions for new parents.
However, I stopped Will and said, lets always remember this. The excitement we have in this store, the questions we are asking each other, like one of us should know the answer and then laughing at each other because we don't know & that's ok. Pretty soon all of this stuff will be like second nature to us and that's ok too, but lets remember us learning and making mistake along the way because those are wonderful memories too.
The best part is learning about this whole parenting deal together. There were many times throughout the store we would look at each other and think,
"what is this?"
"does our baby need this?"
"can a newborn fit in that?"
It was especially obvious we were new parents when we walked into the stroller/car seat section. We had looked at reviews online and talked to a few friends, so we new some of the brands at least, but WOW!
We knew we needed one that had good tires for jogging, walking etc.. When we finally found one we both liked and felt comfortable with, we started trying to figure out how it worked. It was supposed to fold in one simple step. Simple being the word we liked... 10 min go by of each of us trying & then finally, we spotted a strap where the baby sits that says, "fold here." So simple. :) I'm going to go ahead and give us the benefit of the doubt and say that there were two straps covering that strap and that's why we couldn't find it.
But, like I was saying above, it will be a moment we will always remember. Anytime I use the stroller and fold it up in one simple step, I will think back to that moment and how we couldn't stop laughing in the stroller isle at buy buy baby.

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