1st wedding anniversary!

Last Sunday, September 7th, Will and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary. Being married has taught me more than any book or professor could ever teach me. Truly putting the needs of another individual before your own can be hard, not because you are selfish, but because for however many years before you got married, you did what you wanted and when you wanted. I married someone who puts my needs before his everyday (even before I got pregnant)..shows his love for me everyday and who truly is my best friend. I learn from him daily and try so hard to give the love he gives to me back to him. I am so grateful God put Will in my life and made us friends, and spouses. He is my greatest gift!
Enough of the sap ;).... The 'traditional' wedding gift for the first year is paper. Yes, paper...I thought it was difficult and makes you think a little. Well, we both went the same route, which we usually do for gifts. (One year we got each other concert tickets to the same concert without knowing it.) So, he got me (&him) tickets to the cubs game on our anniversary and I got him (&me) tickets to do the architecture tour which we've been wanting to do since we moved here!
Of course we had kept the top of our wedding cake for our 1 year anniversary. We have heard terrible things about how it tastes, so we were both a little apprehensive on trying it. I made Will go first :) Once he approved, I gave it a go, and honestly it was good.
I am so looking forward to year 2. We've got some big and exciting changes happening in our family and we are just so grateful for it all. & for all we've learned, experienced, felt, and been through in year 1.

The end of week 14.

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