Baby Naville :)

You read it correctly....Will and I are expecting our first kid. Mainly me, since I'll be housing the growing child for 9 months, roughly, but Will had a part in creating this miracle of life. Keeping this a secret for 3 months hasn't been fun or easy. We've wanted to shout it from the rooftops because we were so excited, but wanted to make sure Baby N was healthy first!
Honestly, I don't even know where to begin. SO much has happened in these 3 months. I will try my best to recap it all from the beginning. I SO want to remember everything. Let's go back to the beginning... :)
Will and I started talking about having kids around at the beginning of the year.  Anyway, we decided around Will's 25th birthday that we would start trying, not knowing if we would even be able too. I guess in hindsight, we got pregnant quickly, which is a blessing that we don't take for granted. We had planned a vacation to Colorado in June around our good friends wedding. We got to Colorado Monday and spent the week driving around the state exploring before the wedding on Saturday. Well, during this week I was supposed to start and ended up not starting. I knew right away something was up because I never miss. However, I didn't want to get too overly excited. So, I informed Will and then we just put it aside for the remaining few days, but knowing very well that something was up.
Will and I at the wedding. He was best man. So handsome.
When we got back we decided to wait a few more days before buying a pregnancy test just to be sure. Well, one evening after work I stopped and picked one up and a very faint positive came up. I had read when that happens to wait and try it the next morning. I had known all along that I wanted to surprise Will in a way, so when the faint line came up I told him that I would try again in a couple days. Well, the next day I picked up a digital a test and wouldn't ya know... PREGNANT came up.
Honestly I just sat there and smiled. Serious torture that Will and I both had to go to work, but I knew his surprise would be worth it. A few months earlier I had bought a onesie for Will to use as his surprise. I know, I know, we weren't even pregnant and was buying baby clothes. Here is the onesie.
Seriously, adorable, right? Will got home from work and I had put the pregnancy test and onesie in a gift bag. Needless to say, he loved it. I actually have his reaction, along with a few other friends and family and I plan on posting it.
 the day we found out and I surprised Will.
As you can see above my pregnancy test said I was 1-2 weeks, which is SUPER early, but I knew that didn't really add up after about a week or so. When I took the test I was actually closer to 3-4 weeks. I had called my doctor and she had said to call back when you think you are between 5-6 weeks. I had been going off of our pregnancy test, so when we went in to our first apt, I was actually already 7 weeks. We didn't really know what to expect for our first apt and to be honest, we were just giddy. Will a little anxious being at a OBGYN, but still excited. We were asked a lot of questions, I had a urine and blood test and then the moment came when we could see our baby! First she found 1 baby :) then we got to hear the heartbeat. WOW! It brought tears to our eyes. I had no idea it would be that loud. The baby was still so tiny, but I swear I could see the head and then the at the other end were his/her feet. I have loved keeping track of how big the baby is week by week.
My first trimester, the biggest symptom I dealt with was extreme exhaustion. I mean, man was I tired. I honestly don't remember a lot of the first few weeks because I napped so much. Everyday after work I would nap for 2-3 hours and still be plenty tired for bed at night. I had a few days of morning/afternoon sickness, but I know some women have it a lot worse than I do. Will was incredible the whole first trimester, but especially the first weeks. I really was too tired to do much, so he took over cleaning, cooking and helping me.
My little bump.  
 I will be documenting our journey to parenthood on here, so stay tuned! 

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