The Power of Dad

Dad's are our go to piggy-back-ride when we are little, they throw us high in the air- the best view, is atop Dad's shoulders. They teach us about discipline and hard work. But, they also can make us laugh. When we grow up, they push us to dream the impossible because they truly believe we have it in all of us. Dad's rule. 

My Dad and I

With Father's Day this weekend, I saw it fitting that I do a special Father's Day post in honor of all the Dads that have graced my life, and Will's life.
Dad's, I believe, have unique relationships with their sons and daughters. I remember distinctly the day Will proposed to me, and after all the excitement had died down a little, and just a few family members remained, my Dad was talking about how he never worried about my brother being able to take care of himself or provide for his family, but he worried and prayed about my future husband ever since I existed. & that today, his prayers were answered. (yes, I cried.)
My brother and I with our Dad.

My Dad (and Mom) knew they had raised my brother to be a hard working, loyal, respectful, compassionate guy. They knew that who ever my brother would marry- her parents prayers would finally be answered. That's how they felt about me. That's the difference right there, at least for my family. Great Dad's raise their sons to be answered prayers, and they worry about who will take care of their daughters, like they've been doing, ever since they were born. Dad's have special bonds with both, and that's the beauty of it all. 

I see a lot of similarities between my Dad and Will. I am grateful for that. For all the 'Dads' in my life. Grandpas, Uncles, my friends' Dads, and of course, my Father-in-law. He led Will by example of how to treat family, friends, and strangers. In fact, he doesn't meet a stranger. :) I'm thankful for the examples Will has had in his life also. 

Will with his brother and Dad. 

Thank you, Dad. For loving me, protecting me, shaping me, making me laugh at a moments notice, and most importantly, for just being you. I love you. 

& Will, I look forward to the days when I hear our children call you Dad. You have no idea how wonderful you are. I hope our children get your goofiness, compassion, and your peaceful disposition. You truly have a heart of gold, and our children will blessed.   

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