Around this table.

Life happens around a table. In the loud moments with family and friends gathered around. Passing around food and drinks. Sharing laughter, and tears. Sharing stories that truly touch us. Growing and learning from everyone around a table. Also, in those quiet moments of just you and your significant other. That quiet moment where it's just the two of you, no one speaking, just looking at each other and appreciating all that you've been given. Even in those moments, it happens- Life. Indoors or outdoors- It doesn't matter. Life happens around a table. Good news or bad news. It's all life.
While it may not look like much to people entering our home, the table has above has a lot of history. It belonged to my Grandparents (my Mom's parents) when my Mom was a little girl. Her and her four siblings grew up around this table. They laughed, cried, ate, smiled. Life happened around this table for her, her siblings and parents. Food has been passed around this table for 3 generations. Family, friends, and maybe a few strangers have sat around this table. Telling stories, growing, and learning. Her parents, who are no both gone, sat around this table. I never met her Mom, and now with my Grandpa gone, that touches me more than anything. Because of this table, I feel like they are still with us in a way. Like a string tied together, all of us, because of this table.

It then got passed to my parents. My brother and I, along with my parents shared life around this table. I fell backwards out of this chair and knocked my tooth out. My brother and I did homework, laughed with each other, fought with each other, told secrets, and maybe, just maybe said, "I love you to each other." We celebrated our parents anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, Easter, First Communion, had friends gather around the table-some of them are still in our lives to this day. All of my childhood I remember gathering around this table with my family.

While currently it only sits 2, it used to sit 7, then 4. As the years go by and our family grows, our children will sit around this same table. That will mean 4 generations. And just like their family before them, they will grow around this table. They will laugh, cry, be mad, happy, surprised- all of it around this table.

That's what life is about. Gathering around a table with those you love and care about and sharing life. It's a beautiful thing.  

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