A Year Ago

A year ago this weekend, we loaded the above moving truck and headed North to Chicagoland. Not really sure how this experience was going to go, but trusting that God was putting us here for a reason. 

How fitting that a year later, we have never been happier. I can feel God so much in our marriage. Although there have been times throughout this year where we have doubted him, he has never left our side and has remained faithful to us. 

There is so much to reflect on in this past year.  Sure, throughout this year we have had a lot of ups and even a lot of downs. Two of the biggest downs have been being away from family & our housing situation. Not since we moved to our current location did we feel like we had a "home." That is a blessing in itself. 

At times it has been a hard transition. But, I am SO proud of us. We have grown and learned so much as individuals and as a couple. A lot of people would have just given up and moved back home. We have stuck it out through the tough times by encouraging each other, leaning on each other, and praying together- all of those in return have molded and shaped our newly married relationship. The best part of moving up here has been seeing the person you love most flourish in his job and truly enjoy his work. I am so proud of Will. 

It's been a wonderful experience for us. One we wouldn't trade for the world

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