A routine, of sorts.

I'm afraid of typing this next sentence because I hope I don't jinx myself, but life has been really sweet lately. Nothing in particular has changed, really, other than this routine of life that Will and I are in. It's sweet.After moving twice in a year, we really, finally, feel settled. It's such a great feeling. Having a home that is just yours, where you feel comfortable, where friends gather, laughs are shared, where life is unfolding right before our eyes. Our life. Sometimes I still have to pinch myself that this is my life. I hope I always have that feeling. It keeps me grounded.

This home, it's not a mansion, nothing fancy, but it's ours. It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. Without realizing it, it started shaping our family & this routine of life we are in. Will and I were talking at dinner about our life a year ago around this time. Moving, job finding, graduations, o ya....and planning a wedding. Just busy, and while all of that stuff was fun and we are grateful for it all, we agreed that right now, this year, is SO much sweeter.

It's the best feeling to have that person in your life that no matter what, he/she is there. To share all of the beautiful moments that life has to offer. & that is where we are at. Leaving that newly married feeling, but entering something new and exciting. A routine of husband and wife that I just LOVE so much. Learning, loving, laughing, growing...marriage is truly a blessing. We feel God in our hearts and in our lives.
We are coming up on a year in Chicagoland and I just can't believe it. (1 year post is coming up) What an adventure it has been. Excited that June is upon us. Hello, Summer! We had friends over Saturday for a cookout, the dinner table was outdoors, all of us gathered around, passing food/drinks around the table, sharing stories, laughing and growing. That is what I love. Those summer moments with friends. It stays light until past 8:30 and even then you don't want to go in. So you start a fire in you're fire-pit and stare gaze. I'm excited for more of those moments.

^^friends gathered^^

^^first fire in our fire-pit^^

^^friends who bring pretty tulips are great^^

 This month, well summer actually, will be such a blast! I told yesterday after he made this amazing salmon on the grill, that I wouldn't mind if every meal was made on the grill. So yummy! 


I'm excited to document all that is to come for us. Thanks for reading my Monday ramblings :)

Happy Summer, Friends!

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