Mom's Visit!

It is Sunday evening as I am typing this. I am sitting at our 'new' desk in our office. I'm quite content with this space. I've been looking forward to the day I could sit in here and do just what I am doing, blog.

Mom's Welcome Sign!
While Will was gone in France and Italy, my Mom came up to visit/keep me company/take care of the pup. I had to work while she was visiting, which was unfortunate, but it was still great to come home and see her here. I am close with both of my parents, so living away from them is really difficult.

The dog whisperer.
We went from having a few weeks of awesome weather to the few days she was visiting it was down right too cold for May. It rained and rained. I was disappointed in the weather because there was a lot I wanted to show her outside, but we may the best of it.

She also brought some furniture that her and my Dad were not using for Will and I. Score! Hints the new desk I am typing at. :) Again, due to the weather and me having to work we didn't do anything too exciting. I was just SO happy to have a familiar face with me for a few days.
Please ignore our outfits/how we look. She left super early on Sunday to get home, so comfy was our idea here. She is so selfless and I appreciate her being with me more than she'll know!

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