Mother's Day.

For most families, Mother's Day is a celebratory day. Let Mom sleep in, homemade cards, breakfast in bed, maybe some yard work, a day or weekend where you truly spoil Mom and remind her that she is loved. However, for some it can be a day of mourning & remembering. Maybe the first year without your Mom, no matter your age or how long its been since you've lost her, it's hard- I would imagine.

My Mom and I. 

I've been blessed or lucky, however you look at it to have both of my parents in my life for 24 years now, my brother almost 28 years. They've pushed us to succeed, believed in us, kept us grounded, made us laugh, cry, mad, happy, they have truly molded us in to the people we are today. You may be wondering why I am going on about how incredible my parents are. Well, life hasn't been easy or fair for either of my parents. They have both been without their Moms for a long time. 

My brother, Derek and I, with our parents.

My Dad lost his Mom when he was just 15 months. She died of breast cancer. She was only in her 40s. He never knew her and she never really knew him. My Mom lost her Mom suddenly when she was just 16 and her Mom, only 45. Life goes on, but you never stop missing your Mom, no matter your age or how long it's been. The missing is still there, always.
I remember vividly the year, months & days leading up to my Mom's 45th birthday. Probably the hardest birthday for her. The age her mother had passed away. The fear of not knowing if the same thing would happen to her, and also confusion. Why did it happen to her Mom and how do she go on to her next birthday knowing her Mom didn't get that chance. How does an adult daughter make sense of that?  Despite all of these circumstances my parents have succeeded at their most important job, being parents. The spirit of their Moms truly lives on through them years later. Their Moms would be proud.

I am not a Mom, yet. I often dream and think of what motherhood will be like for me. I've always known I wanted to be a Mom, eventually, because I had a really great role model growing up, my Mom. The most selfless woman I know. 

True definition of what a Mom means. 
Loving, caring, nurturing, selfless, makes you a better person, challenges you, believes in you, makes you happy, laugh, your confidant and when you get to be around my age, she becomes your best friend. Truly. Everything in my life, I want to share with her and have her apart of every milestone. Maybe it has little bit to do with her not being able to share milestones with her Mom, but more so, it's just because I love her and can't imagine not sharing them with her. 

To all of you Moms, soon-to-be Moms and the women dreaming of becoming Moms, Happy Mother's Day!  

To my own village of Moms who have been apart of my life through the the years. Thank you! 

& to my Mom, although we are miles apart, I will celebrate you and thank you a million times for everything you do and all you have taught me. I love you! 


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